Who is American Technology Solutions?

We help make tax form reporting simple.

Why choose Us.

Our vision is clearly focused on the efficient production of tax forms using the latest technologies. We understand the year-end issues you face in your business and we know how to help alleviate those issues with the latest presentment and delivery technologies.

Talk with our clients and hear about the level of service they receive and what their ATS experience is like.

Our Mission.

Our mission and focus is on taking really good care of our existing clients. We spend very little money on marketing and advertising because by far our best marketing strategy is from our existing clients telling new prospects what their experience is like. We would much rather put those marketing dollars towards product development where our clients derive the most benefits from. This strategy has worked well and very effective at keeping our costs down to our existing clients so that any service increases are quite rare.

What We Do.

We are a dedicated group of document presentment and delivery specialists committed to serving the needs of our clients.

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